East Bluff Homes

Morrissey Construction Company is currently underway with construction of East Bluff Homes located on 25 scattered sites in Peoria, IL.

The 34,884 sq.ft. development consists of 20 new single family homes and 5 duplexes built on vacant lots where derelict homes once stood. There are a mixture of 2 & 3 bedroom FHAA accessible units.  All units include Energy Star Appliances and an Energy Star Roofing System.

This project meets the requirements for the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) and is projected to be complete in the winter of 2020.

Morrissey Construction Company, founded in 1952, is a construction firm that specializes in housing, historic renovation, educational and commercial construction. For more than 69 years, Morrissey Construction has exceeded client expectations by completing projects ahead of schedule and under budget while providing quality construction services. Maintaining good relationships and putting the client’s building investments first has helped the company build a reputation as a trustworthy firm with a multitude of repeat clients.