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Multi-Family Housing Developer

Multi-family housing is a specialty of Morrissey Construction Company. Whether you are looking to renovate or build new, we realize the uniqueness of every multi-family housing project and we work hard to help our clients build living spaces that are convenient and built to last, while staying within their budget.

Construction Management

Multi-Family Housing Construction Managment

The Construction Management approach utilized by Morrissey Construction Company oversees the entire Multi-Family Housing building process. In our experience, an effective Multi-Family Housing construction manager works with the architect and the engineers during the design phase, offering value-engineering ideas on a consistent basis. All decisions relative to the building program are made with the benefit of input from both a construction manager and an architect, providing a system of checks and balances that would otherwise not be present.

As a Multi-Family Housing construction manager, Morrissey Construction brings a general contractor’s knowledge to the architect early in the design phase. This allows us to implement a system that controls workers, money, and materials to work directly for the client’s interests. The construction management process also allows design and construction to proceed concurrently, saving time and therefore, money.


  • We review all project alternatives
  • Have better cost control
  • Shorten the design and construction schedules
  • Construction processes are simplified
  • Provide more value for the dollar
  • Provide constant feedback
  • End with high-quality results
Design and Build

Multi-Family Housing Design and Build

In the Multi-Family Housing Design-Build approach, Morrissey Construction Company acts as the single point of contact and manages the architect and engineers on your behalf. Our clients choose the design-build approach because of our ability to develop a cohesive team and manage the process from beginning to end. This method is recommended when cost and schedule are the most important factors.

Multi-Family Housing Design-Build services are quickly becoming known as the contracting method of the future. This approach requires innovation, creativity, organization and time-honored construction management traditions. Taking this route when building Multi-Family Housing is often the most economical and places the design and construction aspects of a project within one central company. Morrissey Construction offers this service along with a qualified team of architects, engineers and key subcontractors chosen to best suit a client’s need for design, construction, quality, cost and timeline.

Because we work directly with Multi-Family Housing design professionals to ensure feasibility, this system avoids many unforeseen costs and allows construction to move faster. Remember: Time saved = money saved.

General Contracting

Multi-Family Housing General Contracting

Multi-Family Housing General Contracting is a traditional method of construction that Morrissey Construction Company has utilized since 1952. When brought in as a Multi-Family Housing general contractor, we are able to establish a partnership with the client from a variety of contract methods.

Acting asMulti-Family Housing general contractor, we assume full responsibility for completing a Multi-Family Housing construction project, on time and within the specified budget. Our success with clientele stems directly from the relationship with our professional project managers and field superintendents who make each project their own.

With Morrissey Construction as your general contractor, you will personally experience the kind of collaboration and cooperation that make each project a rewarding one.

Green Building

Multi-Family Housing Green Building

Morrissey Construction Company takes its role in green building seriously and looks to make an impact on sustaining the environment for future generations with practical solutions to smarter building.

With LEED certified staff, we continuously stay on the forefront of green building trends and techniques. Through extensive experience with green construction and having a strong understanding of renewable alternatives, we are able to provide sustainable, cost-efficient solutions to the growing concerns of our clients.

Morrissey Construction recently completed Lexington Farms, a LEED Platinum Design and the nation’s most environmentally responsible Affordable Housing Community, in Jerseyville, IL. The 100% green development consists of 32 single-family homes. Solar panels and wind turbines along with other technology reduce utility bills to an average of zero dollars.

Lexington Farms, along with virtually all of Morrissey Construction’s housing projects, meets requirements for the Green Communities Criteria 2008 and the Illinois Efficient Affordable Housing Construction Program under Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Pre-Construction Services

Multi-Family Housing Pre-Construction Services

The best way to add value during a construction project is to hire a general contractor at the early stage before design consultants have been identified and hired. This simple act will help the customer avoid potential claims and budget overruns. Initiating pre-construction services early in a project creates a profitable team relationship where benefits highly outweigh costs.

When teaming with Morrissey Construction Company for pre-construction needs, clients are impressed with the intricate knowledge and experience we have in regards to creating a solid foundation and coordinating successful projects.

As the majority of construction decisions are made within the initial design phase, Morrissey Construction understands how critical pre-construction services are to ensuring that the client’s dollar is maximized. Taking advantage of these services will result in fewer change orders and high efficiency, which equates to the project staying on schedule and within budget.

Pre-Construction Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Project budgeting and estimating
  • Schematic design and drawings review
  • Construction document review and coordination
  • Constructability reviews and commentary
  • Value engineering and cost solutions
  • Critical path scheduling
  • Identifying and preordering of long lead items
  • Design team meetings
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Construction phasing, sequencing and site logistics
  • Permitting, subcontractor preparation and packaging

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